Viscoelastic material parameters

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Viscoealsticity handbook

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Viscoealsticity handbook (PDF)

Viscoealsticity handbook 

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Monografie viskoelasticity

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Mechanical wave in tube –theory

Stanislav Doubal, Petr Klemera


The quantitative description of mechanical wave propagation in tubes is remarkably important for biomechanics (e.g. analysis of pulse wave propagation in cardiovascular system) and also for industry (e.g. analysis of wave propagation in pipelines). Nevertheless, the comprehensive theory of mechanical wave propagation in tube is not currently at hand.

The solution of problems connected with dynamic mechanical behavior of tubes requires firstly suggestion of an adequate mechanical model. Such a model must take into consideration continuously distributed (inertial, elastic and viscose) parameters in entire system. The crucial next step is the derivation of constitutive equations for mechanical wave propagation in the system.

From the mechanical point of view, any elastic or viscoelastic tube filled with viscose liquid is highly complicated system. Mechanical behavior of such structures depends on theirs geometry and on inertial, elastic and viscose forces in wall as well as in liquid inside. Thus we face a considerably complicated task. Helpful may be the sophisticated methodology of derivation of telegraph equations for electric waves in cables applied by W Thompson more than hundred years ago, as the fundamental mechanical and electrical equations are analogical.


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_Mechanical wave in tube - theory-Doubal_CZ.pdf

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Complex moduli and stiffnes´s.pdf

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Mechanical matching in mechanical systems.pdf

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Mechanical resonance.pdf

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Operational calculus in viscoelaticity.pdf

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Ramp charakteristics in mechanics.pdf

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Viscoelasticity and rheological models.pdf

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elastic resonance.xlsx

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viscoelastic resonance.xlsx

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Resonance meters for viscoelasticity measurement-ppt.pptx

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